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No Ragrets, Not Even A Letter

No Ragrets, Not Even A Letter

As a young 22-year-old college graduate, I have to admit, I’ve had my fair share of fuck ups. I’ve had moments where I did the wrong thing, said the wrong thing, and several instances when I thought there was no way I would recover from whatever nonsense I had gotten myself into. In the past, these were the things that pained me, the moments that cause me sorrow and angst and occupied most of the space in my mind; these were my “regrets.”

Recently I had a revelation that regrets are useless, and as stupid and cliché as it sounds, I have found the truth behind the whole “every decision you’ve ever made has led you to where you are now in life” thing, and I think it’s important to talk about that.

In addition to having this revelation, I’ve made the decision to try and remove the word “regret” from my vocabulary, and replace it with “I’ll learn from this,” because in do time, I have come to realize that all that I used to regret, have just become a lesson, and there’s some important message or greater good that can come out of every regret. Now let me explain my new life of no regrets-

I no longer regret my most recent past relationship, because I have learned from it. I have learned the importance of independence, and that if someone is unfaithful, it is not your fault, and you did nothing wrong. I have learned that if the only way someone can tell how you’re feeling is if you’re hysterically laughing or crying, then they probably don’t understand you anyway. I have learned the importance of forgiving, but never forgetting. Most importantly I learned how to love without limits, and understand that the love of your life is not necessarily the love of your life.

I no longer regret not fighting harder to save lost friendships, because I have learned from it. As my time in school ended, so did some of my best friendships, but I have realized that you shouldn’t have to fight for true friendships. People change, and that’s okay. People will come in and out of your life, and that’s okay too. For the most part, friendship should be simple and stress free, and if it’s causing you more harm than good, it’s okay to let it go.

I no longer regret joining a sorority, because I have learned from it.

I have come to realize that without it, I would not have my handful of most precious and sacred friendships. Although there were times of complete dread, I am thankful for the moments that weren’t. I learned to be a leader and I learned that sometimes it’s important to speak my mind.

I no longer regret the times in my life when I was obsessive about body image, because I have learned from it. The fad diets, the calorie counting, the restriction and more consumed much of my life, but it actually caused me to do a lot of research and helped me learn the way that food works, and why it’s important. This is something I’m still working on, and probably always will, but my relationship with food, diet and exercise has evolved for the better. I have learned to live a healthy and happy lifestyle, where I work to love my body every day.

I no longer regret living for so long with regret, because I have learned from it. We all have regrets, but it’s how we choose to reflect on them and grow because of them that matters.

So what do you say, no ragrets?



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