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BEE-E-A-UTIFUL: Zoella Beauty

BEE-E-A-UTIFUL: Zoella Beauty

WELCOME TO A BRAND NEW SEGMENT HERE ON THEBEEWRD: BEE-E-A-UTIFUL, your latest source of beauty reviews. I love trying new beauty products, and I do so fairly often, so I figured, when I find things that I really like, why not share them with you all? To kick off this segment, rather than sharing just one specific product, I’m going to talk about several products within a line that was newly released in the United States – Zoella Beauty.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Zoe Sugg (better known by her internet name, Zoella) is a YouTuber, blogger, author, fashion icon, etcetera, hailing from Brighton, England. She has created quite a name for herself on the interwebz, and is an icon for many, myself included. While the Zoella Beauty line has been out for quite some time, it has just recently become available to those of us patiently awaiting in the glorious U S of A, and thank God that it did, because I have quickly become obsessed.

While I wanted to purchase literally every single item from this line, I resisted, for my bank account’s sake, and decided to try out just three products (for the time being). I chose a hand lotion, a body wash, and a perfume, and I must say, I was extremely happy with all three purchases.

1.     Wonder Hand Moisturising Hand Cream

During this weird transitional season between winter and spring, my skin tends to sort of freak out- especially my hands. They become dry, brittle, and all around just pretty gross, so having a good hand cream is crucial. If you too know the struggle of cracked knuckles, I would recommend this product to you. I have a very hard time trying new lotions. So many of them are sticky, greasy, or too thick, and I just can’t get down with that. I can honestly say that Wonder Hand is none of the above. It’s lightweight, moisturizing and quickly absorbs into my skin. In addition to that, I really love that it is not overly scented. The packaging describes it as a “calming, feminine fragrance” and I suppose I would agree. Immediately when I smelled it, it reminded me of conditioner, and I feel like that’s a weird comparison, but if you smelled it, I bet you would agree (and it’s a scent that I’m totally into). The product is 3.0 oz., costs $8.50, and a little goes a long way, so I would say it’s worth the price!

2.     Soak Opera Bath & Shower Cream

Is it just me, or do you also feel that there is no such thing as too many bath/shower products? Just me…. Awkward. ANYWHO, I like to have options when it comes to body wash, meaning that you will always find at least two in my shower at all times. When it comes to what makes a body wash stand out to me, three things come to mind: scent, moisture, and sudsablitly (aka, how bubbly does it get on my poof). Scent is obvious, and probably the main reason why most people choose the shower products that they do. We all have had that time (for me, it almost every time I go to a drug store) when you stand in the bath/shower isle a little too long smelling the shampoos, conditioners, and body washes. But DAMN are there some good smelling products out there, and I’m adding Soak Opera to my list of favorites. While scent is very important, you can’t forget about moisture! I don’t care if I found the most delicious smelling product on planet Earth, if it dries out my skin, I won’t use it. Checking the ingredients of your products is so important for a variety of reason, and this is one of the main ones. This body wash is packed with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Aloe, all which will leave your skin silky smooth. Lastly, sudsablitly.

Why is this important? Because bubbles are fun, duh! No, but actually, if you think about it, how much a product lathers up is directly equivalent to how much of that product you have to use. Aka – low sudsablitly, more product used; high sudsablitly, less product used, so the higher the sudsablitly, the longer it will last (that’s called science, people). I use about a quarter-sized dollop of this stuff, and it is more than enough to get my whole body clean. The product is 16.5 oz., costs $9.95, and is quickly becoming one of my favorite body washes.

3.     Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist

I love perfume, but I am EXTREMELY particular about the scents that I wear. I like to claim that my “signature scent” is the Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne by Jo Malone, and will still stand by the fact that it’s my favorite scent to wear. I own one other Jo Malone Cologne, and a few of the Elizabeth and James roller balls (shout out to my girls MK and A), but all of those are generally richer, heavier scents, and I wanted something a little bit lighter for casual day-to-day wear. I never thought I would be the type of person to buy a perfume online before at least smelling it first, but I figured I would give the body mist from Zoella’s line a shot. Because I follow her extensively and have in some ways gotten to know her from her books, blogs, and YouTube videos, I have learned that she is not someone who enjoys overly sweet scents, so I figured it would be safe to try this one, when looking for something a little lighter, and I was definitely right. It’s super lightweight, easy to wear, and shares that same “calming, feminine fragrance” that the lotion and body wash have. If you’re looking for a deep, long lasting perfume, this is not it, but for just a little added something for the days you don’t want to spray on an intense aroma, this one is perfect (added bouns, how adorable is that packaging?!). The product is 1.5 fl.oz., costs $12.95, and would make a great springtime scent for just about anyone!

To say I am happy with this line of products is an understatement. From the adorable packaging, to great results, I would recommend each and every product that I have tried so far, and am excited to try more (p.s. – I feel these would make a great gift). If you’re looking to switch up your typical beauty regimen, why not try out some Zoella beauty, and if you do, let me know in the comments below if you loved them as much as I do!

Stay beeautiful!



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