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The Risk Factor Of Being Human

The Risk Factor Of Being Human

Heart break, self-deprivation, starvation, evasion, miscommunication, friendship, hardship, kindship, spaceship, broken bones, cellphone, sext, sects, eject, reflect, reject, reelect, relocate, date, fate, create. Create art. Create beauty. Create weapons. Create new life. Create bombs. Create destruction. Oxymoron – I digress. 

Which of these scare you? Which of these set you free? Which of these excite you? I believe a stream of consciousness evokes specific feelings and thoughts for a reason. It’s strange to think that is all that we are – a literal stream of consciousness. Losing that consciousness is just one of the many risk factors of being human, but we can’t let that stop us from living. Because once we do, it will literally stop us from living. 

 What frightens you more, death, or living a life that you are unhappy with? Are you afraid? Are you afraid of speaking and not making sense? Are you afraid of speaking up? Are you afraid of speaking and making people unhappy? Are. You. Fucking. Happy? 

 There’s no written-out list of potential side effects on the side of the bottle of life, which maybe makes the pill easier to swallow but believe me when I say it makes it no less risky. However, we choose to live on anyway. Or at least we try to. Most of us do. And that’s our choice. And that’s the risk factor of being human. Knowing that anything we do *may cause death* but choosing to do it anyway. Does that make us crazy, maybe? But mainly it just makes us people. 

Take the risk, take the leap, take a fall. 

Ditch your life, start a new one. 

Leave the city, fuck your feelings. 

Or don’t. 

Either way, you’re risking it all. 

Do you realize, that’s life? 




New Years Mantras/BBirthday BBlog

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